About Us

NYC Graphics is a full-service commercial printer and stationer. Since 1985, we have built a solid reputation with our clients for superior personal service, attention to detail, and quality products at cost-competitive prices. We do what it takes and we go the extra mile to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

NYC Graphics has been one of NYC Corrections' vendors for stationery supplies and equipment since 1985.  In 1991, the Security Chief asked his purchasing department to locate a better type of security pen that would serve all of the correctional facilities' needs.  They came to NYC Graphics with their specifications: small and flexible; completely made of plastic, including the tip; water-based, non-toxic ink; difficult to hide contraband -- but must still be a good writing instrument.

NYC Graphics delivered.  Not only did our pen fully meet NYC Corrections' specifications --- but at a reasonable price.  Since 1991, NYC Corrections has used the 117EF security pen in all their facilities.  To date, NYC Graphics is the #1 supplier of security pens to jails, psychiatric facilities, state penitentiaries, local detention centers and many other secure facilities.